We are committed to our ESG program, which forms the foundation of our responsible operations. In accordance with our principles, we take the environmental impacts of our operations into account, prioritize our social responsibility, and with integrity.


We want to minimize the negative impacts of our operations and develop solutions that minimize the impact of our operations on land, water, air and biodiversity, and ensure their continued protection.

Social responsibility

Work safety is our number one priority. We want our partners and employees to get home safely every day. We aim to operate without accidents.

Collaboration with local communities and maintaining of the vitality of

We want to collaborate with local people, enterprises and other significant actors in the area. When choosing partners, locality is a major criterion for us.

Good governance

Responsible supply chains are a guiding part of our operating principles. We treat our partners ethically and with respect and expect the same from them. In accordance with our principles, we only collaborate with partners who comply with the law and our own ethical operating principles. We prioritize local suppliers, reducing the risk of supply chain disruption and benefiting the communities in which we operate.