Exploration and mining operations have inevitable effects on the environment. Endomines’ environmental work is based on limiting these effects as much as possible.

We aim to minimize the environmental effects of our mining activities. In the early stage of a project we discuss with the residents of the area in question and the environmental authorities involved. Before the exploration can be started, we always apply for an exploration permit from the relevant authority. In addition, the landowners are informed of the planned work and the compensation principles in the event of damage.

Before any further exploration and development efforts, we consult the environmental authorities and address the possible environmental protection matters. At this stage we contact the environment unit of the relevant municipality and the directly involved landowners for their opinions of how to minimize effects and avoid damages. Endomines strives to follow the ethical rules that the mining industry recommends for its member companies.

Sustainable development

Minerals and metals are necessary in a modern and well-functioning society. Metals are manufactured from ore and they are recyclable in a continuing circulation. Endomines works on sustainable development with attention to people, economy, and society as a whole, while striving for an effective and long-term balanced use of energy and natural resources.

Collaboration in promoting environmental work

We want to provide a good, safe and stimulating working environment for our employees. We arrange appropriate training on our environmental policy and operating principles to improve competence and motivation across the Company.

Contractors working with Endomines are also expected to follow the Company’s environmental policy.

Likewise, in our R&D and exploration activities we work together with our partners to promote sustainable and environmentally sound methods.

Life-cycle approach in nature conservation work

In the mining operations, the area is taken into use and changed permanently. Endomines aims to actively work for the protection of the surroundings and consider the environmental aspects in every decision including the whole life-cycle of the mining project, from exploring and extracting to close down and post-treatment. Endomines evaluates its actions from three key perspectives: what is environmentally justified, what is technically possible, and what is economically reasonable.

Risk evaluation for preventive actions

Endomines evaluates and controls safety and environmental matters from a risk perspective. In order to take appropriate preventive actions, we identify and pay attention to the risks of environmental interference and accidents which could affect people and environment.