The Board of Directors of Endomines has resolved on record date for reverse share split

Press release (PDF)

Endomines AB (publ), press release 26 September 2022 kl. 14:00 CEST


The Extraordinary General Meeting in Endomines AB (publ) ("Endomines") today, on 26 September 2022, resolved on a reverse share split, through which forty existing shares will be consolidated into one share (Sw: Sammanläggning 1:40). The Board of Directors was authorized to determine the record date for the reverse share split.


The Board of Directors has now determined that the record date for the reverse share split will be 3 October 2022, which means that the last day for trading in the share prior to the reverse share split will be 29 September 2022 and the first day for trading in the share after the reverse share split will be 30 September 2022. This means that the share price as from and including 30 September 2022 will reflect the effect of the reverse share split. As a result of the reverse share split, the shares in Endomines will as from and including 30 September 2022 have a new ISIN-code SE0018690059.

Following the reverse share split, the number of shares in Endomines will decrease from 267,198,378 to 6,679,959. The proposed reverse share split will result in a change of the share’s quota value from SEK 2 to approximately SEK 80.


For Finnish investors, who have their shares registered in Euroclear Finland Oy, the last day of trading on Nasdaq Helsinki with the current share (with ISIN-code SE0008294334) will be on 29 September 2022. There will be no trading in the shares of Endomines AB (publ) listed in Helsinki between 30 September and 3 October 2022. Trading with the new share on Nasdaq Helsinki (with ISIN-code SE0018690059) will commence on 4 October 2022.


For further information, please contact:

Mikko Sopanen, CFO, mikko.sopanen@endomines.com, +358 50 434 7439


About Endomines

Endomines is a mining and exploration company with its primary focus on gold. The company explores for gold along the Karelian Gold Line in Eastern Finland and develops mining operations in Idaho, USA. Endomines aims to improve its long-term growth prospects by increasing its exploration activities and through acquisitions. Endomines aims to acquire deposits that are situated in stable jurisdictions and can be brought to production rapidly with limited investments.

The shares trade on Nasdaq Stockholm (ENDO) and Nasdaq Helsinki (ENDOM).