The chairman Ingmar Haga and Interim CEO Marcus Ahlström have subscribed for or will subscribe for 650,000 shares in Endomines' rights issue

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Endomines AB, Stock Exchange Release, 25.6.2019 at 14:00 CEST

The subscription period for Endomines AB's rights issue runs between June 14, and July 1, 2019. Endomines’ chairman Ingmar Haga has subscribed for or will subscribe for 500,000 shares and the Interim CEO Marcus Ahlström has subscribed for 150,000 shares in the rights issue, which corresponds to issue proceeds of almost MSEK 2.3.

Some of the other existing shareholders have earlier signed subscription undertakings for approximately MSEK 16.5, representing 10 percent of the rights issue, while other shareholders have expressed their intention to subscribe for another approximately MSEK 33, representing 20 percent of the rights issue. The rights issue will upon full subscription provide Endomines with approximately MSEK 165 before deduction of transaction costs. 

Additional information

The Company have distributed an information folder to all shareholders with further instructions for subscription of shares in Sweden (in Swedish) and Finland (in Finnish). The information folder is available in Swedish, Finnish and English on Endomines website: www.endomines.se.

The prospectus, information brochures and subscription forms for subscription of shares in Sweden are available on the Company’s website, www.endomines.com and on Evli’s website, www.evli.com. For subscription of shares in Finland, shareholders and other investors are asked to follow instructions from their bank or other nominee. The printed prospectus is during the subscription period obtainable, free of charge, from Endomines, phone +46 (0)8 611 66 45, e-mail: info@endomines.com or Evli, phone +46 (0) 8 407 80 00, weekdays 9-16. Questions regarding the subscription and payment in both Finland and Sweden are answered by email: operations@evli.com and by phone as as mentioned above. Questions regarding the subscription and payment in Finland are answered by Evli, phone: +358 9 4766 9646, weekdays 9-16.

Contact person

Marcus Ahlström, Interim CEO, +358 50 544 68 14, marcus.ahlstrom@endomines.com

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 14:00 CEST on 25 June 2019.

About Endomines

Endomines is a mining and exploration company with its primary focus on gold. The Company explores for gold along the Karelian Gold Line in Eastern Finland and develops mining operations in Idaho, USA. Endomines aims to improve its long-term growth prospects by increasing its exploration activities and through acquisitions. Endomines aims to acquire deposits that are situated in stable jurisdictions and can be brought to production rapidly with limited investments.

The shares trade on Nasdaq Stockholm (ENDO) and Nasdaq Helsinki (ENDOM).

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