Endomines Finland Plc postpones the publishing date of its Annual Report 2022

Stock exchange release (PDF)

Endomines Finland Plc – Stock Exchange Release, 17.3.2023, at 11.00 EET


Endomines Finland Plc will publish its Annual Report 2022 no later than week 17/2023. The original publishing date of the Annual Report was March 31st  2023. The reason for the delay in completing the Annual report in previously announced schedule is due to the transfer of the company's domicile from Sweden to Finland, downstream merger, and changes in the company's structure in the end of 2022.


The delay in the Annual Report does not affect the date of the Annual General Meeting of the company. The Annual General Meeting (to be convened by the Board of Directors at a later date) is scheduled to take place on May 25th 2023.



Endomines Finland Plc


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Mikko Sopanen, CFO

mikko.sopanen@endomines.com, +358 50 434 7439






Endomines is a mining and exploration company with its primary focus on gold. Endomines is engaged in mining operations at the Pampalo mine in Ilomantsi, and in exploration activities along the Karelian Gold Line in Eastern Finland. Endomines also owns rights to several gold deposits in Idaho and Montana, US, where Endomines aims to continue the development work through partnership agreements. www.endomines.com