Welcome to Endomines’ investor pages. These pages provide information about Endomines as an investment.

Endomines is an agile and modern mining company. We are active in the exploration and mining of gold deposits in Finland and the United States. We aim to grow the value of the Company by developing our assets into economically profitable mines in keeping with sustainable mining practices. We also seek growth through mergers, acquisitions and other co-operative arrangement.


 Information for Swedish shareholders 

All shareholders in Endomines Finland Oyj (publ) will as merger consideration receive one share in Endomines Finland Plc for every share they own in Endomines Finland Oyj (publ). Swedish shareholders will generally not have to take any actions to receive the merger consideration. The exception is shareholders who have their shares registered in a CSD-account in their own name in Euroclear Sweden ((a so called “VPC account”)(Sw: VP-konto)). Such shareholders must submit the account information of a nominee account (Sw: depåkonto) to Aktieinvest FK AB at emittentsservice@aktieinvest.se to receive the merger consideration. The merger consideration will then be delivered to the nominee account submitted.

As Endomines Finland Plc is intended to become the new parent company of the Endomines Group, the merger consideration has been determined with the objective to reflect the current ownership structure of Endomines Finland Oyj (publ). The shares issued as merger consideration will be admitted to trading on Nasdaq Helsinki. The first day of trading in Endomines Finland Plc’s shares on Nasdaq Helsinki is expected to be 20 December 2022.