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Social respon­si­bi­li­ty

Finland has one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art mining industries in the world. Production is being automated at a rapid pace, and around 50% of the jobs in a mine are above the ground. The personnel of a mining company may include representatives of as many as 200 professions, such as geologists, engineers, HR professionals, communication professionals, forklift operators, and maintenance and service staff. 

Finland has high occupational safety requirements, which also apply to the mining industry. The industry and our company are working continuously to improve safety in mines. We want our partners and employees to be able to leave work in good health and free of injury every day, and we are aiming for zero accidents in our operations.    

Safety and well-being at work requi­re conti­nuo­us input 

We carry out measurements and implement measures to promote well-being at work. We are continuously developing our ways of working based on our observations – a culture of safety requires continuous work from all of us. Our supervisors lead by example and prioritize safety aspects in their day-to-day work. We are committed to providing the necessary training and equipment to ensure safe operations.  

The safety of our employees guides all our operations, and it is monitored and developed continuously. A safe working culture requires our employees’ continuous input so that we can achieve our goal of zero accidents at work. We want our employees to be able to leave work in good health and free of injury every day, so we expect all our employees to make a commitment to our health and safety policy. 

Working at Endomi­nes

We care about our employees, our most valued resource. We foster a good and inspiring atmosphere. At Endomines, you can trust that your colleagues are always there to help and support you.