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Co-opera­tion with local commu­ni­ties

Co-operation with stakeholders and local communities

The goal of stakeholder collaboration is to build trust and transparency between Endomines and our stakeholders, with the aim of facilitating cooperation and the development of our business.

We strive to have a positive impact on the communities and residents of the local areas where we operate, where we act as partners, and with whom we engage. Collaboration and dialogue with our stakeholders are valuable sources of information for us, and we value their opinions and expertise.

Responsibility in the communities within our operating areas is a critical factor for the success of our business. Engaging in dialogue with stakeholders such as mining operators, authorities, and residents of the mining areas helps us operate openly and proactively consider the needs and desires of our stakeholders.


  • Continuous, open two-way dialogue with various stakeholders locally.
  • Collaboration with local partners and organizations.
  • Supporting local communities and building local vitality.