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Good gover­nance

Good governance determines the corporate governance of a company, referring to the rules, practices, and culture by which the company operates. Good governance creates predictability and certainty in business. Its significance is reflected in the trust stakeholders, partners, and employees have in the company, thereby strongly influencing the company’s reputation management. Good governance establishes a strong foundation for the company’s operations, building reliability within the investor community as well.


  • Develop operational models that support open, transparent, and ethically sustainable business practices.
  • Maintain the company’s risk management.
  • Develop and maintain a positive corporate culture, an open decision-making process, and internal and external communication culture.


  • We expect our business partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and other contractual partners to adhere to ethical principles of conduct.
  • Our risk management policy guides the company’s risk management. The goal of risk management is to create operational conditions where business-related risks are comprehensively and systematically managed. Our principle is to identify risks, assess their magnitude and significance to our business, the environment, and people, define risk mitigation measures, and decide on their implementation and monitoring of their impact.
  • Open disclosure and dialogue with stakeholders.