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Environ­men­tal respon­si­bi­li­ty 

Environmental work at Endomines is based on limiting environmental impacts. We work to minimize the adverse impacts of our operations and develop solutions that protect the soil, water bodies, the air and biodiversity.  

In the early stages of a mining project, we engage in discussions with the residents of the area and the environmental authorities involved. Before exploration can be started, we apply for an exploration permit from the appropriate authorities. Landowners are informed about the planned work and the criteria for compensation. 

Sustainable development is the leading principle in our operations. In all our operations, we take account of both people and the economy, and we aim for the efficient use of energy and natural resources systematically over the long term. We also provide our employees with training related to environmental policy and our operating principles.  

Life-cycle thinking in environ­men­tal work  

At Endomines, we seek to work actively to protect the environment and take environmental aspects into account in every decision, including the entire life cycle of a mining project, from exploration and extraction to closure and aftercare.  

We assess our operations from three key perspectives:  

  • Environmental responsibility  
  • Technical feasibility  
  • Economic sustainability  


Risk assessment for preventive measures 

Endomines assess and monitors safety and environmental aspects in terms of risks. To implement appropriate preventive measures, we identify and pay attention to environmental incidents and accidents that can affect people and the environment.