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Responsibly produced gold from Pampalo

Our sustainability vision

We aim to be among the leading companies in responsible and sustainable mining practices and continuous improvement. We strive to be a responsible investment opportunity that meets the standards of sustainability for our investors and an employer for our employees that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We want our employees to feel proud to work for us. Our own staff is our best brand ambassador.

The priorities of our sustainability programme support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We strive for sustainable development in our business activities, in terms of the economy, human well-being and the environment. We have selected priority areas for our sustainability programme, where we have defined targets for improvement and the approaches we use to conduct our business.

As a Finnish company, our operations have a positive impact on employment locally

We pay taxes in Finland, and through our business, we build and maintain Finnish society, and enliven the Ilomantsi region where we operate. As we are headquartered in Finland, we also make decisions in Finland – which in practice means that we can influence the course of events and the impact of our business locally in the area where we operate.

We prioritise doing business with local suppliers. This allows us to build a network of business partnerships that benefit the regions in which we operate and reduce our risk of supply chain disruption.

We sponsor a local sports club in the area where we operate, enabling children to participate in low-threshold football or floorball, regardless of the social or socio-economic status of the youth. With our sponsorship funding, the sports club is also able to purchase protective equipment, as well as playing equipment, providing equal opportunities for all, to participate in the sports.

We motivate pupils in schools in our mining region to succeed at school by awarding various scholarships at the end of the term as a reward for learning skills needed in society.

Stakeholder engagement with local communities

The aim of stakeholder engagement is to build trust and transparency between Endomines and our stakeholders, with the aim of facilitating cooperation and the development of our business.

We want to have a positive impact on the communities and local residents among whom we do business, partner with and interact with. Cooperation and dialogue with our stakeholders are also valuable sources of information for us, whose opinions and expertise we value.

Accountability in the communities where we operate is critical to the success of our business. Dialogue with stakeholders in the mining, public authorities and residents helps us to operate in an open and proactive manner, taking into account the needs and wishes of our stakeholders.

Endomines comply with the regulations and practices of all national laws in which Endomines conducts business. Endomines also conducts its business in accordance with the international agreements and regulations that apply to it.

Labour and human rights

We are committed to upholding and respecting labour and human rights and expect the same commitment from all business partners. These rights include equal pay for equal work, zero tolerance for modern slavery, forced labour, child labour and other forms of discrimination.

Competition and intellectual property law

We are committed to acting in accordance with applicable national and international competition laws and regulations. We find it important to value the principles and practices that safeguard healthy and effective economic competition. We respect the intellectual property rights of all and will act in accordance with all rights under intellectual property law. We respect everyone’s rights to confidential information and will only process confidential or otherwise sensitive information where we have a legal basis to do so.

Conflicts of interest

We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner and avoiding conflicts of interest. We must be transparent when a conflict of interest arises and we must refrain from participating in the decision-making process concerning us when a conflict of interest arises, or could be perceived to arise.


The Endomines Group is committed to complying with applicable tax legislation and paying the correct amount of tax to the countries in which Endomines conducts its business. Our commitment to comply with applicable tax legislation includes the principle of zero tolerance for tax offences/tax law violations.

Our goal is to ensure a good living environment for future generations. We recognise the impact of our activities on the environment and seek to minimise the adverse effects of our operations by developing solutions that protect soil, water, air and biodiversity.

Our aim is to operate without accidents. We continuously measure our LTI rate and report safety findings, accidents and near misses immediately. We continuously improve our practices based on our findings. We are committed to providing the necessary training and equipment to ensure safe operations.

We measure the well-being of our staff on an annual basis. We take measures to promote the well-being of our employees and to improve working conditions.

Endomines is committed to providing a working environment free from harassment, discrimination and bullying on the basis of age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, trade union activities, family relationships, health, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal reason. We take a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, harassment and bullying and encourage anyone who observes discriminatory, harassing or bullying behaviour or conduct to report it through Endomines’ internal whistleblowing channel.

We also commit to provide training and take active measures to ensure adequate skills and know-how to prevent incidents of harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace.

We will treat our suppliers and partners with respect and ethics. We work with partners who comply with the law and who share the same understanding of the basic principles of conduct described in our Code of Conduct. We expect our suppliers and other contractual partners to comply with our Code of Conduct and share our commitment to safety and ESG.

Diversity in the workplace and the right to equal opportunities is important to us. We value and recognise the contributions and personal strengths of everyone, regardless of gender, ethnic or other origin, colour, age, religious belief, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, trade union membership or any other personal factor. We recruit and promote employees on the basis of their competence and performance.

Endomines also has a defined diversity policy for its Board of Directors. The aim is to have a board of both genders. The long-term goal is to have a balanced representation of both genders on the board.

Carbon dioxide emission indicator for produced gold ounce (tCO2e/oz)
Full-year: 0.71
Q1 0.54
Q2 0.42

2. Recycling rate of processed water

Target to maintain a closed production water cycle.

Measures maintenance and control of a closed loop of process water.

Status Closed loop water recycling rate 100 %.

3. Life cycle management plan for the mine

Target to maintain up-to-date plans for all mining sites owned by the company.

Measures The plan will be reviewed and updated periodically as operations progress.

Status plan will be updated in 2023.

Social responsibility

1. Safety at work

Objective zero tolerance for accidents at work.

Measures LTI monitoring, safety training for staff and partners, code of conduct, in line with which we respect human

and labour rights, and we expect the same from our partners.

Status 2 minor accidents to the company’s contractor, resulting in absence.

LTIFR Rolling 12 monthly average
H1/2022 8.4
H1/2023 11.8
LTIFR formula: lost time injuries per million hours worked.

2. Job satisfaction

Target to maintain job satisfaction parameters at the defined level.

Measures when required, in line with the areas for improvement.

Status employee satisfaction survey for 2023 completed.

3. Stakeholder cooperation and transparency

Target to provide up-to-date information and to develop and support local cooperation.

Measures communication practices via the website and LinkedIn channel, community information events in the mining

area, sponsorship of local youths in the area, and support for learning different skills through local schools, for example

through different types of awards. Annual staff satisfaction surveys.

Status information event in Pampalo in June, effective information platforms and practices in place, sponsorship

agreement with a local sports club, cooperation with school ongoing.


Target operative risk management up-to-date.

Measures corporate risk assessment in 2023.

Status in progress.

Target interaction with stakeholders.

Measures active communication at all times.

Status communication practices via the website and LinkedIn channel, community information events in the mining area.

Environ­men­tal respon­si­bi­li­ty 

We recognize the impact of our operations on the environment. We strive to minimize the harmful effects of our operations and develop solutions that protect the soil, water, air, and biodiversity.

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Social respon­si­bi­li­ty 

Safety at work is our first priority, and we work continuously to improve safety in our mines. We measure the well-being of our employees and develop our culture based on the findings. At Endomines, the entire workplace community contributes to well-being at work. Together, we create a good workplace. 

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Local co-opera­tion

Local co-operation is important to us. We maintain good relationships in our local communities and collaborate with local residents, businesses, industry, and other key operators.

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Good gover­nance

Operational risk management is one of our most important focuses, and we conduct a regular risk assessment of the company. Another important focus in ensuring good governance is open and active interaction and communication with our stakeholders.

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