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Why mining is needed?

Mining produces important mineral raw materials for the needs of society, industry, and technology. Recycling and the circular economy alone are not enough to meet the growing demand for raw materials, meaning that mining is an enabler of our modern lifestyle.  

Mines can generally be divided into metal ore mines and industrial mineral mines. The end product of mining operations is usually mineral concentrate, which is produced by removing from the ore any minerals that cannot be exploited. Metal concentrates are used to produce metals, and industrial minerals are used in different ways for industrial purposes.   

Mining products are needed in many sectors of society. Their applications range from water treatment to nutrients and X-ray equipment. They are also used in the development of green technology, meaning that they contribute to combatting climate change. Endomines focuses on producing gold, which is primarily a source of wealth. Gold is mainly used as a material for jewelry, but it is also used in the electronics industry because of its good electrical conductivity and non-oxidisability. Gold is also a popular investment. 

The minerals produced by the mining industry are also needed to stop climate change. According to a forecast by the World Bank, the production of cobalt, copper, lithium, nickel, and aluminum will increase tenfold by 2050 as a result of green technology. Mining industry products are essential for the production of wind power, solar panels, and electric vehicles, for example.

Vitali­ty for the local commu­ni­ty 

The mining industry has major employment impacts, and it plays an important role in creating well-being in less populated areas. 

A well-functioning mine benefits both the company and the local community. Open dialogue and communication with local operators are essential for effective cooperation. 

Good cooperation with local residents, businesses, industry, and other key operators is at the core of Endomines’ operations. Local presence is a significant criterion in the selection of partners. At least once a year, the company holds a public event for the residents of the nearby areas to provide information about its plans and engage in discussions with the participants.  

The mining industry also improves security of supply. In the coming years, there may be challenges in the availability of many critical metals. Their availability can only be ensured through production in Finland and the EU. Finland has rich mineral resources and many untapped areas. In terms of security of supply and well-being, it is very important that these natural resources can be exploited. 

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