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Fall in love with Finnish gold

Endomi­nes is a Finnish mining and explo­ra­tion compa­ny focusing on gold

We are a Finnish mining and exploration company with a primary focus on gold. We produce gold for the jewellery and electronics industries. We also create value by transforming natural resources into wealth that as an investment can withstand global political fluctuations, bringing wealth and prosperity to Finland. Our production is located in Pampalo, Ilomantsi, our explorations focus on the Karelian Gold Line in Eastern Finland. We also develop mining operations in Idaho and Montana in the US.  Our growth is based on exploiting the known gold reserves on the Karelian Gold Line, as well as discovering new gold deposits in order to expand our operations and secure our business in the future.

Mining opera­tions

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Endomines in figures  (2023)

Gold produc­tion

397.8 kg

Process water recyc­ling

100 %

CO2 emissions

0.49 tCO2e/oz

Sustai­nab­ly produced Finnish gold – from Pampa­lo

We aim to be among the industry leaders in conducting and continuously developing responsible and sustainable mining. For our investors, we want to be a profitable investment that meets sustainability standards, and for our employees, an employer that not only meets but exceeds expectations. More about sustainability

Why is mining needed? 

Mining produces important mineral raw materials for the needs of society, industry and technology. Recycling and the circular economy alone are not enough to meet the growing demand for raw materials, meaning that mining is an enabler of our modern lifestyle. 

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Our Mission

We produce sustainable gold for the jewellery and electronics industries and create value by turning natural resources into wealth; an investment that can withstand global political instability. We also create wealth and well-being in Finland.

Endomines as an investment