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Fall in love with Finnish gold

Endomi­nes is a Finnish mining and explo­ra­tion compa­ny focusing on gold

Our production is mainly carried out in Pampalo in Ilomantsi, and exploration focuses on the Karelian gold line in eastern Finland. We also develop mining operations in Idaho and Montana in the United States.  Our sustainable operating method takes account of our impacts on the environment and people, and we aim for the efficient use of energy and natural resources systematically over the long term. We are therefore increasing the value of the company by developing our deposits into profitable mines in line with the principles of sustainable mining.  The gold we extract is used for gold bars and in jewellery and electronics. The origin of the gold extracted in Finland is fully traceable, and the production chain is transparent.  

Our opera­tions 

Gold production in the Pampalo area and the gold deposits surrounding the area are the cornerstones of our business operations. 

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The purpose of exploration is to locate and find minerals in the area by means of drilling, for example. An exploration permit does not mean permission to exploit the minerals found, but it gives its holder priority for any subsequent mining permit. 

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Environ­men­tal respon­si­bi­li­ty 

Exploration and mining inevitably affect the environment. Environmental work at Endomines is based on limiting these impacts as much as possible. We work to minimise the adverse impacts of our operations and develop solutions that protect the soil, water bodies, the air and biodiversity. 

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Endomines in figures 


13.5 MEUR

in 2022

Gold produc­tion

267.5 kg

in 2022

CO2 emissions



Stock Exchange Releases

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Five facts about gold

  • There are 31.103 grams in a troy ounce of gold
  • Gold melts at 1064 degrees centigrade
  • Around 187,200 tonnes of gold has been mined since the beginning of civilisation
  • The largest ever true gold nugget weighed 2316 troy ounces when found at Moliagul in Australia in 1869
  • The US Federal Reserve holds 6,700 tonnes of gold, in 530,000 gold bars

We build our growth and compe­ti­ti­ve­ness in a sustai­nab­le way

Our objective is to grow the Karelian gold line into a significant, sustainable gold-producing region. We increase the value of the company by developing the deposits we own into economically viable mines with sustainable mining principles.  Our vision is to change awareness of the availability of more ecologically produced raw material – and thus create more demand for the gold we produce.

Why is mining needed? 

Mining produces important mineral raw materials for the needs of society, industry and technology. Recycling and the circular economy alone are not enough to meet the growing demand for raw materials, meaning that mining is an enabler of our modern lifestyle. 

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Careers at Endomi­nes 

See our vacancies here, or submit an open application if we don’t currently have a vacancy for you.