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The General Meeting elects the auditor based on the Board’s proposal. The Board’s Audit Committee prepares a proposal for a decision on the election of the auditor. The Annual General Meeting elects the auditor for four years at a time.

The auditor is responsible for auditing the company’s accounting, financial statements and governance for the financial year. In addition to the annual auditor’s report, the audit report regularly to the Board on their audit findings and attend the meetings of the Board’s Audit Committee.

In accordance with the General Meeting’s decision, the auditor is paid a fee against an invoice approved by the company.

The company’s Audit Committee prepares a proposal for the election and remuneration of the auditor to the General Meeting, and the General Meeting elects the company’s auditor and decides their fees.

The Annual General Meeting of Endomines on 25 May 2023 elected KPMG Oy Ab as auditor, who has appointed KHT Antti Kääriäinen as the principal auditor.