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Our goal is to create long-term value

We are a Finnish forerunner in sustainable mining

Our mining operations focus on gold production in Pampalo and exploration along the Karelian gold line in eastern Finland. Our vision is to make the Karelian gold line one of the world’s most significant and most sustainable gold production areas. We also hold rights of possession to seven gold deposits in the United States: five in Idaho and two in Montana.

Our goal is to create long-term value

Our growth is based on using the known gold reserves of the Karelian gold line and identifying new gold deposits, which brings predictability to our business operations. Our financial strategy allows us to accelerate our growth significantly, while our operational efficiency and agility are among the best in the mining industry. We are a growth company, and our goal is to expand our operations in the Pampalo area.

A growing mining company that embraces new ways of thinking

Market trends are increasingly driving consumption towards sustainable development, and we aim to lead the way in sustainability in the mining industry. We want to leave a positive footprint where we operate, which is why we seek to produce gold sustainably. It is our goal that the origin of our gold is traceable. 

We are building our growth sustainably. As a pioneer in ethically produced metal and sustainable mining, we take responsibility for the impacts of our business operations on the environment and people. Our operations are centred on employees’ safety and well-being and environmental responsibility, as well as good governance in our company. 

Finland is an attractive market for investors

  • Finland’s excellent infrastructure, vast sparsely populated areas, and access to the Geological Survey of Finland’s (GTK) systematic, comprehensive, and high-quality geological data make it an appealing mining country
  • Finland benefits from a stable political and economic situation, as well as effective mining and environmental legislation in the country

Our Mission

We produce gold sustainably for the needs of the jewellery and electronics industries. Our operations also create value by turning natural resources into wealth that, as an investment, sustains fluctuations in global politics and brings prosperity and well-being to Finland. Our expertise in the value chain for gold production increases our national economic significance.

Gold produced from Finnish soil provides us with security when world politics are volatile. 

The accelerating change in consumer market values is shaping our operations towards the core of our strategy: sustainability. Our mission is to increase awareness of the availability of sustainably produced gold – and thereby create more demand for the gold that we produce

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the Karelian gold line one of the world’s most significant and most sustainable gold production areas. We seek to increase our shareholder value through sustainable business operations and make Endomines a major Finnish mining company focusing on gold – a company that is seen as an interesting Finnish long-term investment. We work to create a growth story that our employees, partners and Finns can be proud of.

We work to change the mining industry through our sustainable business operations and turn it into a transparent, safe and modern business that is environmentally friendly, stable and profitable. We work to change the awareness of consumers, goldsmiths and electronics manufacturers of the use of sustainably produced metal in industry, thereby creating demand for sustainably produced gold in the global market. 

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