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We are a Finnish pioneer in sustai­nab­le mining

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A growing mining compa­ny that embraces new ways of thinking

We are building our growth sustainably. As a pioneer in ethically produced metal and sustainable mining, we take responsibility for the impacts of our business operations on the environment and people. Our operations are centred on employees’ safety and well-being and environmental responsibility, as well as good governance in our company. It is our goal that the origin of the gold we produce is traceable.

Endomi­nes as an invest­ment

Our growth is based on using the known gold reserves of the Karelian gold line and identifying new gold deposits, which brings predictability to our business operations.

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Business poten­tial

Several studies have been carried out at the Karelian gold line that highlight the region’s potential as a gold production area.

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Strate­gy and business opera­tions

Our business operations focus on Pampalo in the Ilomantsi region in Finland. In the United States, we operate in our own mines through partners. Our revised strategy has four focus areas.

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55 %

Infor­ma­tion about the gold market

The market development of gold is primarily driven by inflation and the interest rate levels of central banks, particularly the Fed. Periods of historically high inflation have been favourable for the price of gold.