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Endomi­nes supports junior football and floor­ball

FC Pogosta and Endomines have signed a cooperation agreement to support floorball and football activities in Ilomantsi.

The aim of the agreement is to provide low-threshold free clubs for children and juniors in the region, and to use the sponsorship funds to purchase new equipment for the clubs, such as sticks, balls and goalkeepers’ equipment.

“The cost of sports as a hobby has even tripled in the 2000s. In small towns and villages, declining numbers of children and teenagers, as well as more time spent on mobile devices make children less active. This immobility can be costly for society. A remarkable financial cooperation agreement has been signed with Endomines. This agreement will give children and teenaggers the opportunity to exercise in low-threshold clubs for free, now and also in the future,” said Tapio Ikonen, Chairman of FC Pogosta.

Our activities also impact the local community, which we want to take care of. Sponsoring sports activities for children and teenagers in the area is one way we carry our responsibility in the local community.

“We want to support children and teenagers to take up sport and grow into fit and healthy adults, which is why physical activity for teenagers is important for public health as a whole. Physical activity is a way of life that is learned from an early age, and it is also an excellent way of preventing exclusion and eliminating social inequalities. Team sport also teaches social skills and how to work as part of a team – skills that are also needed in working life. As a Finnish, sustainable company, it is important for us to be involved in supporting the health and well-being of the young people in our region, which is why we wanted to cooperate with FC Pogosta, which actively supports the same values,” says Kari Vyhtinen, our CEO.