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Leisu­re activi­ties

Pampa­lo – where is it?

Our mines are located in Pampalo, Ilomantsi. Ilomantsi is the easternmost municipality in the continental EU, with a population of 4,857. We are located 72 km (an hour) from Joensuu and 511 km from Helsinki. Ilomantsi has comprehensive schools, an upper secondary school, an adult education center, and a music institute. The North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium provides basic vocational education and adult education, as well as services produced by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences.   

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Leisu­re activi­ties in Ilomant­si 

Ilomantsi offers a wealth of leisure activities. The area is perfect for hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities. You can engage in different sports or enjoy the beautiful nature at your own pace. Ilomantsi also offers beautiful trails for hiking – for a few hours or several days.  

The options range from orienteering to skijouring with a dog. Children can sledge and skate in the winter, and Ilomantsi has an excellent sports hall and public swimming pool. The area is home to a number of sports clubs, for Finnish baseball, cross-country skiing, athletics, swimming, floorball and much more. The nearest ski resort is in Koli, less than 100 kilometres away. 

You can also go to the cinema, and Ilomantsi has an excellent library. There is also a youth club, and children can participate in various club and hobby activities through the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, for example. 

The Ilomantsi marketplace is the perfect place for a cup of coffee and a taste of traditional marketplace life. For fans of culinary experiences, the area has a selection of restaurants and cafés. Experiences are also offered by concerts, exhibitions and museums, such as the Fighter’s House, which focuses on war history in the area.