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We opera­te sustai­nab­ly

As a Finnish company, our operations have a positive impact on employment in Finland, where we also pay taxes. Through our business operations, we are building and maintaining Finnish society and vitalising the Ilomantsi region, where we operate. As our head office is in Finland, we also make our decisions in Finland – meaning that we can affect the course of events and the impacts of our business operations in our region. 

What makes Endomines a good workplace? 

We care about our employees, our most valued resource. We foster a good and inspiring atmosphere. At Endomines, you can trust that your colleagues are always there to help and support you. 

We have good opportunities to affect the content and organisation of our work. Most importantly, our suggestions are heard, and we can put them into practice. This helps us grow and develop in our work, in addition to contributing to the development of the company. 

All our employees have health and safety insurance provided by the workplace, covering visits to any private medical centre. The insurance covers appointments with general practitioners and specialists.   

1. Our supervisors are easy to talk to 

Our employees feel that communication with supervisors is easy. This is facilitated by the low hierarchy and an uncomplicated organisation with a strong team spirit and a laid-back approach.  

2. We have highly committed employees

Endomines is seen as a good employer, which is why people stay with us for a long time. This is important to us, and our corporate culture focuses on what our employees value. 

 3. A reliable and fair employer 

We are proud of what our people value in their employer. We focus on these aspects because we want our employees to continue to see us as a fair and reliable employer.  

Our cultu­re and values 

1. Health and safety   

Employee safety is our top priority. We never compromise on safety. Safety guides all our operations, and it is monitored and developed continuously.  

A safe working culture requires our continuous input so that we can achieve our goal of zero accidents at work. We want our employees to be able to leave work in good health and free of injury every day, so we expect all our employees to make a commitment to our health and safety policy. 

2. Diversity and equality  

Our recruitment criteria are education, experience, expertise, potential and the right attitude – gender, age or origin are not relevant. We are committed to complying with and respecting human and labour rights in all our operations, and we expect the same level of commitment from all our business partners. These rights include, for example, the right to equal pay for equal work and zero tolerance for modern slavery, forced labour, child labour and other forms of discrimination. 

3. A workplace free from discrimination, harassment and bullying 

We are committed to providing a working environment free from harassment, discrimination and bullying. We do not tolerate discrimination, no matter whether it is based on a fact or an assumption concerning the person themselves or someone else. We have absolute zero tolerance for bullying and harassment, and we encourage everyone to report any discrimination, harassment or bullying through our internal whistleblowing channel, so that we can address such conduct or behaviour as early as possible. We respect our colleagues and foster a positive atmosphere through our own behaviour, so that we can continue to have a workplace where everyone feels good and enjoys their work.

4. A fair way of working

We are an agile organisation with a low hierarchy and no bureaucracy. We are guided by a fair way of working, respect for and appreciation of colleagues, cooperation and common objectives. It is important to us to help our colleagues when they need help. We also constantly monitor, maintain and develop our operating culture.