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Mining opera­tions

Our operations in Eastern Finland

Gold production in the Pampalo area and the gold deposits surrounding the area are the cornerstones of our business operations. The Karelian gold line runs through the municipality of Ilomantsi in North Karelia. The Karelian gold line is a greenstone zone containing gold. The zone is more than 40 kilometres long and mostly five kilometres wide. Endomines’ exploration permit follows the Karelian gold line.  Our operations cover ore exploration and drilling, mining and ore enrichment. Since the entire production chain is in our own hands, the origin of the gold we mine can be traced and its entire production chain is transparent

Most of the exploration has been carried out by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) in the 1990s. The area has a number of gold mineralisations, the largest of which is Pampalo. Compared with other similar greenstone zones that contain gold, the Karelian gold line is clearly underexplored and, in places, completely unexplored. According to a study carried out by GTK in 2015, the probability of finding more than a million ounces of gold at the Karelian gold line is more than 50%. To expand and secure our business far into the future we are investing in extensive exploration at the Karelian gold line to identify new deposits.

Our mines are located in the Pampalo area, where we have an underground mine and an open pit. We are also opening a new open pit in Hosko. 

We are growing our production by developing known deposits in the area. The Pampalo mine is an underground mine, and ore has been extracted there from as deep as 700 metres. The Pampalo gold enrichment process uses no cyanide. The gold is separated from waste rock mechanically. The mine uses the best technologies in terms of the environment, and its enrichment process uses as little chemicals as possible.  

Our processing plant is also in Pampalo, which enables the expansion of production by brining ore from known satellite deposits into production at Pampalo.

Endomines USA

Endomines currently holds rights of possession to seven gold deposits in the United States: five in Idaho and two in Montana. 

Endomines Idaho in brief:  

  • Focuses on mining operations and the development of the 40-kilometre-long Orogrande mining area. 
  • Holds three of the four largest projects in the region 
  • Total area of claims: 15.9 km2 

To minimise our share of additional investments, we are actively seeking to move to a partnership model in our US operations. Our US operations have been reorganised after the acquisition of the deposits, which is why our operating costs are low in the United States. This allows us to consider potential partnership models carefully, and any delays will not pose a significant financial risk to our company.