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Mining opera­tions

Our mines

The cornerstone of our business is the gold production in the Pampalo area and the surrounding gold deposits on the Karelian gold line, which runs through the municipality of Ilomants in North Karelia. The zone is over 40 kilometres long and mostly five kilometres wide gold-bearing greenstone belt.

Most of the ore exploration in the area was carried out by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) in the 1990s. There are several proven gold mineralizations in the area, the is Pampalo. We are increasing our production by developing already known deposits in the area.

Pampalo mine

At Pampalo we have an underground mine, as well as an open pit.


A new open pit mine will open in Hosko in early 2024.

Endomines USA

Endomines currently owns the rights to seven gold deposits in the US: five in Idaho and two in Montana. Production in the US is at a halt. Since the acquisition of the deposits, operations in the US have been reorganised, resulting in low operating costs. This allows us to explore potential partnering models and any delays do not represent a significant financial risk to our company.

Mining in Finland is governed by legislation

Exploration and mining are regulated by Finnish legislation, such as the Environmental Protection Act, the Land Use and Building Act and the Water Act. In addition, companies’ responsible operations are governed by EU directives on sustainable development and reporting obligations.As a result, mining in Finland is more responsible and safer than in most other countries.  Mining operations always require a mining permit and mining safety permit issued by Tukes, the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, and an environmental permit issued by the ELY Centre.The declaration of reservation gives the right to apply for a mining permit, but a mere mining permit does not guarantee a mining licence. A mining permit allows drilling and exploration for minerals in the ground.   The mining application must also specify the measures to be taken to close the mine and to finance the closure. The guarantees for closure are already provided for in both the Mining Act and the Environmental Protection Act.

Ore from the mine is trans­por­ted to the proces­sing plant

The production process consists of mining, crushing, processing and removal of water. During the processing, unusable minerals are removed from the ore

Ore is processed by the flotation method