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A Finnish gold producer

Our business consists of three areas: exploration, ore processing, and mining

Endomines is a mining and exploration company. Our mining operations, located in Pampalo, Ilomantsi, focus on gold production and processing, as well as exploration in the Karelian Gold Line in Eastern Finland.

We produce sustainable gold for the jewellery and electronics industries and create value by transforming natural resources into wealth that can withstand the volatility of global politics, bringing wealth and prosperity to Finland. Our growth is based on the exploitation of known gold reserves in the Karelian gold line and the discovery of new gold deposits.

Our vision

Our vision is to change awareness of the availability of sustainably produced gold – and thus create more demand for the gold we produce. The accelerating shift in consumer market values is shaping our industry towards the core of our strategy – sustainability. We aim to grow the Karelian gold line into a significant, sustainable gold-producing region.

We intend to increase our shareholder value through sustainable business operations and make Endomines a major Finnish gold mining company that is perceived as an attractive domestic, long-term investment. We want to create a growth story that our employees, partners and Finns can be proud of.

Sustai­nab­ly produced gold

We aim to be among the industry leaders in conducting and continuously developing sustainable and environmentally responsible mining operations.

Sustainability at the heart of business

Our operations focus on the Karelian Golden Line in Ilomantsi

The cornerstone of our business is the gold production in the Pampalo region and the surrounding gold deposits on the Karelian Gold Line, which runs through the municipality of Ilomants in North Karelia. The zone is over 40 kilometres long and mostly five kilometres wide gold-bearing greenstone belt. The Endomines mining permit follows the Karelian gold line.  Our business covers exploration and drilling, mining and processing of ore.

 Most of the ore exploration in the area was carried out by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) in the 1990s. There are several proven gold mineralizations in the area, the largest is Pampalo. The Karelian gold line is still under-explored and in some cases completely unexplored compared to other similar greenstone zones containing gold.

Endomi­nes as an invest­ment

We aim to create long-term value for our investors. Our growth is based on exploiting the known gold reserves in the Karelian gold line, as well as identifying new gold deposits to secure our business for the future.

Endomines is a growing mining company with a different way of thinking

We are building our growth and competitiveness responsibly. As a forerunner in ethically produced metal and sustainable mining, we take responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment and people. The safety and well-being of our employees, keeping the environment and nature clean, and good and ethical corporate governance are at the heart of our operations.

As the importance of value-based partner selection grows, we aim to be the most valued partner for our end customers and partners, and for our staff, the most responsible and desirable employer in the industry.

We want to leave a positive footprint where we operate, which is why the gold we mine is always sustainably produced. We aim to ensure that the gold we source is always traceable to its source.

Our values

In our daily work, we are guided by our shared values: humanity, openness and honesty. We are experts who deliver what we promise. Our work is characterised by a strong sense of localism, which is reflected in our collaboration with local entrepreneurs and the local community. Through local cooperation, we can contribute to the development and local well-being of the Ilomantsi region.  As the importance of value-based partner selection grows, we are the most valued partner and raw material supplier to our end customers and partners, and the most responsible and desirable employer for our staff in our industry.

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