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We produce Finnish gold

Endomines is a Finnish forerunner in sustainable mining. Our mining operations focus on gold extraction and enrichment in Pampalo in the Ilomantsi region and on exploration along the Karelian gold line in eastern Finland. We produce sustainably extracted gold for the jewellery and electronics industries, and our operations create value by turning natural resources into wealth that, as an investment, sustains fluctuations in global politics and brings prosperity and well-being to Finland. Our growth is based on using the known gold reserves of the Karelian gold line and identifying new gold deposits.  

We apply new ways of thinking, and we want to leave a positive footprint where we operate – which is why the gold we mine is always sustainably produced, and its entire supply chain is transparent: the origin of our gold is always traceable.  Our vision is to make the Karelian gold line one of the most significant and most sustainable gold production areas in the Nordic countries.   

Our vision is to change aware­ness of the availa­bi­li­ty of respon­sib­ly produced gold

Our goal is to grow the Karelian gold line into a significant, responsible gold production area. The accelerating transformation of consumer market values is shaping our industry towards the core of our strategy – responsibility. Our vision is to change awareness of the availability of more ecologically produced raw materials – and thus create more demand for the gold we produce.

Our opera­tions in Finland and the United States 

Our head office is located in Espoo, with the executive management, financial management and communication departments. Our other operations are in Pampalo, where our mines and processing plant are located.  

Gold production in the Pampalo area and the gold deposits surrounding the area are the cornerstones of our business operations. We have an exploration permit in eastern Finland for an area that covers the Karelian gold line, as well as mining permits for several sites in this area.  

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We are a growing mining compa­­ny that embraces new ways of thinking

We build our growth on responsibility. As a pioneer in ethically produced metal and sustainable mining, we take responsibility for the effects of our business on the environment and people. The focus of our operations is the safety and well-being of the personnel, keeping the environment and nature clean, and the good and ethical management of our company. Our goal is that the origin of our gold is always traceable.  

Our values 

Our day-to-day work is guided by our common values: humanity, openness and honesty. We are experts who keep our promises. Our operations have a strong local focus, which is reflected in our cooperation with local business owners and the local community. Through local cooperation, we can have an impact on the development of the Pampalo area and local well-being.  With the importance of value-based partnerships increasing, we are the most valued partner and supplier of raw materials for our end customers and partners, and the most responsible and popular employer in our industry for our employees.