Endomines Idaho team

The Idaho team is in full swing

The Endomines team has maintained a fast speed at its mining projects in Elk City, Idaho. The team’s original aim was to launch production for the first project, the Friday mine, in the first quarter of 2019. However, ore production from the mine has already started in December 2018 and gold concentrate production is foreseen to commence in January 2019.

Behind the quickly advancing project is a professional, dynamic and dedicated team formed by Zachary Black, Aaron Tenesch, Bryan Bishop, Erik Hayes, and Seppo Tuovinen. All team members have years of experience in the industry, but at the same time everyone brings together their own set of different skills and strengths.
The team is headed by Seppo, who has moved to Idaho from the Pampalo mine in Finland. Seppo has graduated with a Master of Science degree and has worked before with Endomines on many international mining projects. Resource Geologist Zachary’s specialization is in modern methods of exploration and evaluation of mineral resources. Aaron, on the other hand, is a master of geochemistry with work experience both in the production process and in laboratory work. He has a strong grip on project management and occupational safety. Bryan is a mining engineer, who has years of experience in underground gold mines in various states across the USA, and expertise, especially in mines where minerals are present in high concentrations in narrow veins. The fifth team member, Erik, is an expert on environmental issues and legislation; a biologist by education. In addition to this core group leading the project, Idaho’s team has already recruited more people to anticipate production. Recruitment will continue in the coming months to achieve full production capability.

What attracted these professionals to the Endomines’ mining project? The team members’ answers could be summarized as follows: A unique team of professionals with the ability to quickly and reliably build a project from early stage to production, combined with high-quality deposits in the region, and a favorable political and regulatory climate for the mining industry. Everything is running smoothly in Idaho and the work is progressing fast. From this professional team we can expect to hear more good news in the future.