Friday mine in production, processing plant to start in the coming weeks

The Friday mine project in Idaho has progressed better than originally expected during the past autumn and we are proud to announce that ore production has started in December. Prior to the start of stoping, a new portal to the mine was built and some 200 meters (around 600ft) of pre-production mine development was carried out in order to access the ore. A connection from the new decline to an old portal has also been built so that the old adit now functions as a secondary escape. Underground drilling for production planning can also be done from the old portal. Furthermore, we are planning underground drilling also to drill out and expand the resource.

Endomines Friday mine
The new portal to the Friday mine, and Endomines Idaho’s Technical Director Zachary Black holding a block of ore.


On the processing area, the processing plant building was completed mid-December and equipment module installations are now ongoing. The last deliveries of equipment modules are expected in the beginning of January. For easy and fast assembly, the processing equipment have been pre-fabricated into functional modules, e.g. crushing or flotation, at the supplier’s site in California. The processing plant will be ready for start-up during January. The tailings areas, which are lined with bentonite and located near the processing plant, were completed already during the first week of December and are ready for the gold concentrate production to commence.

Endomines Friday mine
The processing plant and the rougher flotation module.


Endomines Friday mine
Bentonite lined tailings area.


The conditions in Idaho are wintery, but the sub-zero temperatures have not hindered work at the project. The local work force is used to the conditions and is not afraid of cold or snow.

Our team in Idaho is naturally pleased to have been able to start ore production already in December and is now continuing full steam ahead to get the processing plant started in the coming weeks. Ramp-up of production both at the mine and the processing plant is planned for the first quarter of 2019, and we look forward to providing updates on the progress over the next few months.